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YMCA Calgary
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Summer Camp
6 Workplace Essentials
Be sure you are able to thrive in a work environment that acts on these 6 Workplace Essentials.
Hard Work
Caring for eight young people, 24-hours a day, can be hard work. It takes a lot of energy. We wake
up at approximately 7AM. We are in bed by 11PM. We assist campers during the night. We know that
during each day many things are unpredictable. Things don’t always go our way. We are mature and
we accept this. We ask for support, and we carry on with our good work. This hard work requires the
ability to be a positive leader through long days while demonstrating a caring attitude.
Healthy Child Environments
We build a healthy camp environment using YMCA models of Healthy Child Development as our
guide. We build healthy relationships and we build responsible behavior. We create space for
individual thought and reflection. This takes self- control and new learning. We accept this and we
challenge ourselves to achieve this.
Professional Learning
We have a clear goal of creating experiences for the YMCA, with whom we have signed a contract.
We ask for and accept constructive feedback and we implement it. We accept responsibility for our
actions, whether the outcome is pleasant or disappointing. We recognize effort.We remain focused on
the experience that the YMCA has asked us to provide and that we are committed to providing.
We understand and support YMCA Health & Safety policies. We respect the parents, campers,
fellow staff members, park personnel and others who are part of this arrangement. We provide and
instruct the YMCA’s safety standards, using the YMCA’s practices. Our top priority is the active,
educated and thorough supervision of campers. We are mentors in guided discovery.
Adaptation to Change
Our core values are honesty, caring, respect and responsibility. While these values remain
unchanging, we often change the programs with which we demonstrate these values. We support
positive developments that allow us to better experience our values.
As well, we are committed to
work as a counsellor, regardless of the position for which we were hired. Each summer, any
staff member may be asked to step in and counsel with enthusiasm a tipi group
Sense of Fun, Joy and Curiosity
At the base of our work, a successful staff member has an optimistic perspective. Amidst hard work and
learning, a successful staff member maintains a sense of fun. A staff successful staff member will find it
joyful and fun to care for children outdoors, and to do so as a member of a team
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