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YMCA Calgary
Camp Chief Hector YMCA
Summer Camp
FAQ’s About Working and Living at Camp Chief Hector YMCA
Training Opportunities for Summer Job Certification Pre-requisites
During weekends in the spring, Camp Chief Hector provides registration in training courses:
Wilderness First Aid
Challenges Unlimited Inc. (high challenge course facilitation)
Waterfront Canoe Instructor
Paddle Alberta Basic River Instructor (Tandem)
Workshops in Backpacking, Canoeing and Out-tripping equipment use
Certification is one piece in a skills-set that includes personal experience, professional
experience, judgment, interpersonal skills and certification. Course attenders please note that
certification alone does not provide a complete skills-set, though it is one essential feature of a
Certification courses in past years commonly have a number of registered participants
who do not pass the courses and are therefore not able to continue in the job for which they had
been hired. Inform yourself of the course content and the passing requirements. Prepare
accordingly so that the course examines your established skills, as opposed to examining skills
that are still being acquired during the course (during the testing).
Tipi Living
During the spring and summer seasons, counseling and program staff live in tipis. Tipis have
floorboards, bunk beds and a fire-pit in the middle. Bring sufficient bedding for cooler nights;
see “Weather”, below. Bring sufficient luggage to organize your clothing and gear neatly.
Spring and summer counseling staff live in tipis with their campers. Counselors with the
Sunship Earth program in the spring and Bowfort staff in the summer may occasionally live in
cabins with their campers.
Resource staff, program staff, and support staff live in tipis with other staff members. Site
services staff members (kitchen and maintenance) live in indoor accommodations on site.
Towns near Camp Chief Hector YMCA
The town of Canmore is located 30 minutes (by car) west of the Camp Chief Hector YMCA. You
can find restaurants, laundromats, a hospital and medical clinics, outdoor stores, grocery stores,
sports stores and tourist shops. 20 minutes further west from Canmore, is the town of Banff in
Banff National Park. Calgary is a 60-minute drive east along the Trans-Canada Highway.
Getting to Work at the start of a Contract
There may be scheduled pickups in Canmore for you on the start date of your contract – see
Staff e-Newsletters for details. If you are flying to the Calgary International Airport, the shuttle
bus compan
y (
makes regular trips to and from the Calgary Airport and
Canmore. Make your travel arrangements accordingly.
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