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YMCA Calgary
Camp Chief Hector YMCA
Summer Camp
There are coin-operated washers and dryers on site at camp. There are laundromats in
Canmore. With the facilities at camp, camper laundry always has priority over staff laundry. At
the laundromats in Canmore, several loads can be done at one time. At camp and at Canmore,
you provide your own soap and coins.
Phone calls and email
There are pay phones and landlines for staff members to use. A long distance phone card is
required. Phone calls can be made from site phones or personal cell phones only during time
off and only out of view of campers. There are two computers available at camp for staff to
check e-mail during time off. Staff members may use personal cell phones and laptop
computers on time off.
Zero-Tolerance Policy on smoking, alcohol, and drug use at camp
There is a zero-tolerance policy for tobacco use, alcohol and drugs. While you are at camp or
involved in a camp activity, our policy is that you will not use tobacco or consume alcohol or
drugs, nor be under their effects, nor have performance suffer by having used these products. If
you choose to use these products, or if you have any in your possession, your contract will be
terminated immediately.
Time -off
Days off work differently for each season at camp and for each section of camp. Spring staff
members have every Friday night and weekend off. For summer staff, time-off differs by section.
With 6-Day camps, campers visit from Sunday to Friday, and staff are off work Friday night and
Saturday every week. With a two- week program, campers visit from Sunday to the next Friday.
Staff members working these sections have every second Friday night and Saturday off. During
the time that the campers are visiting, staff members have 24 hours of time-off to take in two
"blocks of time" that fit with the section’s schedule. There will also be 24 hours during the session
when a co-counselor is on time off. Staff members working 27-day sessions will arrange time-off
with their supervisors.
Staff members may choose to be off-site or on-site during time-off. Canmore has a wide range
of accommodations, from campgrounds to hostels to hotels. Conditions of Employment remain
in effect if a staff member stays on-site for time-off. A one-way taxi from camp to Canmore is
$40.00 each way. Work starts on Sunday mornings at 7:45 AM for table-setting for breakfast
and finishes at 4:00 PM on Fridays (5pm for Day Camp staff).
Please note that returning to camp on time off after having had more than two drinks (legal
limit to operate a motor vehicle) is not permitted; in this case, other sleeping arrangements
need to be made.
When campers are on-site, one counselor may leave the tipi each evening (once campers are in
bed and quiet) for staff snack and personal time from 9:00 PM – 10:30 PM. This extra time off
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