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YMCA Calgary
Camp Chief Hector YMCA
Summer Camp
The weather, land and waterways of the Rocky Mountains have their unique qualities that are
perhaps best summed up the word EXTREMES. The weather (autumn, winter, spring OR
summer) can be cold, cool, warm or hot.
Winter temperatures
can swing between -35º Celsius and +15º Celsius.
Summer temperatures
can be as low as -5º Celsius and as high as +33º Celsius.
The weather can be very dry with a high UV index. There can be a great deal of cold
precipitation – either snow or rain. Snow occurs almost year-round, in spite of the high
temperatures, and blizzards are expected in May, June, late August and September.
Springtime is usually the wettest season: the season is referred to as the “June Monsoons”
by land managers engaged in prescribed burns. Snow and sub-zero temperatures are
expected regularly during the spring. Summer often experiences afternoon
thundershowers. Late summer may bring snow and sub-zero temperatures. When it rains,
the temperature can be very cold, so synthetic clothing, wet-weather footwear and a
complete rain suit are all essential during spring and summer seasons.
Staff members need to be prepared to work safely and effectively in all the conditions of this
region. Below, you will find a list of equipment necessary to accomplish this.
Above all else, a
quality rain jacket and quality rain pants
are absolutely necessary. Also
absolutely necessary are
multiple sets of footwear, including quality wet-weather footwear
Leaders at Camp Chief Hector YMCA model healthy outdoor clothing, regardless of their own
personal-time clothing systems for cold-wet weather.
For international staff coming to join us at Camp Chief Hector YMCA, previous staff members
have found that it costs significantly less to purchase outdoor equipment like sleeping bags and
quality rain gear in Canada. We recommend Mountain Equipment Coop where you can order
on-line and have it shipped to Camp to be waiting here for your arrival. Please feel free to
contact us if you have questions about this process.
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